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There are many ways you can participate in the Archives Unleashed Project!

There are many ways you can participate in the Archives Unleashed Project. You can always just send us an e-mail too!

Please read our Code of Conduct.

In-Person Events We will be holding four datathons starting in April 2018! Please stay tuned for our Calls for Participation for our datathon events
GitHub If you would like to contribute code or help with the development of the Archives Unleashed Cloud or Toolkit. Visit our GitHub organization and repositories, open issues, submit pull requests, or make any suggestion in our Slack group.
Test We’d love to have individuals test out our toolkit. Let us know by e-mail or in Slack. Or just hop in and see how it works (but let us know, we’d love to hear how it goes).
Share Love web archives? Share our website, project, events, and beyond with colleagues.
Learn Checkout our learning resources, including a new YouTube Channel. The Archives Unleashed Cloud Learning Guides walk through how to use derivative files. If you’d like more hands on with the Archives Unleashed Toolkit, examples scripts can be found in the AUT section of our website.


Join our Slack team if you want to see how things are developing, to discuss suggestions or other parts of our project, or to just shoot the breeze about all things web archiving.

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The Archives Unleashed Project is pleased to offer a quarterly newsletter to highlight the most up-to-date project news. Interested in hearing more about updates to the Toolkit and Cloud, news, announcements, and upcoming events? You can sign up by clicking here or filling out the form below.

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