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There are many ways you can participate in the Archives Unleashed Project.

In-Person Events Building on the success of our previous datathons, we will be launching the Archives Unleashed Cohort program to engage with and support web archives research. The Cohorts will see research teams participate in year-long intensive collaborations and receive mentorship from the Archives Unleashed team to produce a realized research project, such as a full-length article manuscript. Cohorts will begin in July 2021 and July 2022.
GitHub Interested in contributing code or otherwise helping with the development of the Archives Unleashed Toolkit? Visit our GitHub organization and repositories to open issues, submit pull requests, or make feature suggestions.
Test All of the Archives Unleashed tools are free to use and test! Our team always appreciates feedback from users, which informs the types of features we implement. Tell us about your experience with our tools, materials, or workspace by connecting with our team through [email]
( If you’d like to offer suggestions for feature requests or have a bug to report, we have issue templates set up in our Toolkit and Cloud repositories.
Learn If you’d like more hands-on experience with the Archives Unleashed Toolkit, example scripts can be found in the Toolkit Documentation.
Share Love web archives? Feel free to share our website, project, events, materials, and publications with colleagues.
Connect Connect with our team via Slack, Twitter (@UnleashArchives) or send our project manager, Samantha Fritz, an email.

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