Upcoming Events

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The Archives Unleashed team hosted our final datathon in the spring of 2020. Feel free to explore past event pages to learn more about the datathon set up and checkout group projects.

Date Location Hosts
26-27 April 2018 Toronto, ON University of Toronto Libraries
1-2 November 2018 Vancouver, BC Simon Fraser University Library and KEY
21-22 March 2019 Washington, DC George Washington University Libraries
26-27 March 2020 New York City, NY (In-Person Cancelled) Columbia University Libraries
14-15 May 2020 Montreal, Quebec (Cancelled) BAnQ and IIPC

Past Datathons

We have had the pleasure of hosting several datathons. The first four pre-dated our Mellon-Funded Archives Unleashed project:

As part of this Mellon-funded project, we have hosted three events:

Additional Datathons/Workshops:

About our Datathons

Toronto Datathon One of our key priorities is sustainability: crucial to the project’s success is leveraging an open-source ecosystem. Cognizant of funded projects that run into sustainability issues following a successful launch, we regard regional datathons staged under the Archives Unleashed banner as vital to ensuring broad community buy-in and continued involvement. The datathon model brings together researchers, programmers, visualization experts, graphical designers, and others into one room in order to facilitate their intensive collaboration on a shared project. In our case, programmers, academics, memory institution professionals, and other librarians will gather to work on accessing web archives with our cloud interface.