Upcoming Events

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The Archives Unleashed project will hold its third datathon in partnership with George Washington University Libraries, 21-22 March 2019. Please visit the Washington event page for more information.

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Date Location
April 26-27, 2018 Toronto, ON
November 1-2, 2018 Vancouver, BC
March 21-22, 2019 Washington, DC
November 2019 United States West Coast

Past Datathons

We have had the pleasure of hosting several datathons. The first four pre-dated our Mellon-Funded Archives Unleashed project:

As part of this Mellon-funded project, we have hosted two events:

About our Datathons

Toronto Datathon One of our key priorities is sustainability: crucial to the project’s success is leveraging an open-source ecosystem. Cognizant of funded projects that run into sustainability issues following a successful launch, we regard regional datathons staged under the Archives Unleashed banner as vital to ensuring broad community buy-in and continued involvement. The datathon model brings together researchers, programmers, visualization experts, graphical designers, and others into one room in order to facilitate their intensive collaboration on a shared project. In our case, programmers, academics, memory institution professionals, and other librarians will gather to work on accessing web archives with our cloud interface.